Access your accounts wherever and whenever you need to

RediNet is our Internet Banking service which provides you with access to your accounts around the clock and allows authorised members to select from a range of service options.
RediNet is an environment which is safe and secure and can be accessed at your computer.

It offers a safe and secure environment to access your finances, transfer funds and make payments, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.
For added protection, members can also apply or download a security token as an extra layer of identity protection when they use Redinet.
Use RediNet to view:

  • Account Balances

  • Savings, investments and loan balances

  • Transaction History

  • Recent transactions, by number or date

  • Your statements within a nominated timeframe

  • Interest earned and charged

  • BPay

Register online now or contact your local branch or agency.

Got questions? Find everything you need by viewing our RediNet Frequently Asked Questions.

Please be aware: For privacy and security reasons members must always remember to exit Central West Credit Union RediNet using the EXIT button after they have finished. This ensures your secure session is terminated.