How  do I register for RediNet?

To register simply complete an application form available from your nearest branch or agency. You will be then issued with a password which will be sent to you by mail.

How do I know my session is secure?

Security is of utmost importance to both you our member and the credit union. Our browser based internet banking service uses the latest 128 bit Verisign digital encryption certificate to protect your data when it is being sent over the internet. Each time you connect to RediNet your browser is sent a digital certificate. This certificate securely identifies the site you are connecting to, and is used to establish the encrypted session. Confirmation that your internet banking session is encrypted is the appearance of a "lock" symbol at the foot of your browser.

How do I set my password?

When using RediNet for the first time, you are required to change the password issued to you.
Some rules for choosing a password are:
  • Passwords (Access Codes) must contain a minimum of 4 characters and a maximum of 10 characters. At least one of the characters in your password must be numerical.
  • They cannot have any blanks, or spaces, embedded in them
As an additional security measure, Redinet users will be forced to change their password every 180 days.

Password Do's and Dont's
  • Never disclose your password to anyone
  • Do not write it down or store it on your computer
  • Ensure no one watches you while you enter your password
  • Select a password that is difficult to guess; and
  • Change your password regularly

How Do I Clear My Browser's Cache?

This differs for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape's Communicator or Navigator. For Internet Explorer, click on View in your browser's menu bar. Then click on Internet Options. Click on the General tab on the dialogue box that appears then click on the Delete Files button in the Temporary Internet Files section. Click on OK in the confirmation box that appears.
For Netscape click on Edit in your browser's menu bar then click on Preferences. In the Category section of the dialogue box that then appears you will see an Advanced heading. If that heading has a plus sign "+" beside it, click on the "+" to explode the heading. You will notice that cache appears in the list below Advanced. Click on Cache. Then click on the Clear Disk Cache button and click OK in the confirmation box that pops up.

Internet Explorer 5.0 - When Attempting To Connect To Your Internet Banking Service You Receive The Message "This Page Cannot Be Displayed"

The reason for this is that each time a new connection is made to the server the Verisign certificate requires the browser to check if the Certificate is still valid.

To check your connection settings, click on Tools menu, then click on Internet Options, click on the Advanced tab, scroll down to Security and make sure that the Check For Server Certificate Revocation box is checked. Click on Apply Changes, a reboot of your computer will be required, then try again to access your Internet Banking Service.

Another alternative is to download another  browser such as Mozilla Firefox and use it to access the CWCU home page and Redinet Banking.

I Connect To My Credit Union Internet Banking Service Using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. When I Click On The Padlock Symbol To View The Security Status Of My Connection I Receive The Message "This Certificate Has Failed To Verify For All Of Its Intended

Rest assured that your privacy and security are at our normally high levels. The suppliers of our Digital Certificate, Verisign, and Microsoft have acknowledged that the message is misleading and they are working to correct. In all other respects the connection is working correctly. You can get more detail from Verisign.

Important Message For Apple Macintosh Users
Some earlier versions of the Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers cannot access the internet banking service. Netscape Navigator V4.6 and above, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, are able to use the service with Apple Macintosh computers. We suggest that you download and install one of these browsers if you are experiencing difficulties using the Internet Banking Service on your Apple Macintosh computer.


Sometimes I Cannot Transfer Funds To A Loan Account. Why Is That?

You cannot transfer funds to a loan account, other than a Line-of-Credit account, if that sum would place the loan account in credit.

Sometimes When I Transfer Funds To Another Savings Account It Does Not Increase The Available Funds Of That Account. Why Is That?

Some Savings accounts require deposited funds to be retained for a certain minimum period before they can be withdrawn. The available funds of these accounts are not increased until that minimum number of days has expired.

The Calendar I Use To Select Dates For Transaction History Or Download Transactions Inserts Year 2100 Instead Of 2000. Why Is That?

Most probably your PC is not Y2K compliant. You could ask your PC maintenance service or the dealer from whom you purchased the PC to check it for Y2K compliance, or merely type the To Date and From Date into the appropriate boxes instead of using the calendar facility.
The Internet Service Is Only Usable With Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5 And Above Or Netscape Communicator/Navigator Version 4.73 And Above. How Do I Know What The Version Number Of My Browser Is?
These browsers display their version in a box as they load on your PC. Alternatively Click on Help in the menu bar of the browser and then click on About. The version number will then be displayed.
What Are Cookies?
Cookies are small data packets that can be stored on your computer by an application you are interacting with over the internet. We use cookies to monitor the state of our server's connection with your computer.
To use our application your browser must be instructed to accept cookies. Your browser may be set to do this already, in which case you may be unaware that cookies are being exchanged between our computers. If not, you will probably receive messages from your browser asking whether you want to accept cookies.
Consult your browser's help facility to find out how to change your browser's settings to accept cookies.
At the end of your session our application always removes any cookies we have placed on your PC.
Be assured we do not use cookies for any purpose other than to monitor the status and integrity of your current session.

What Is My Browser Cache?

This is where the browser stores pages it has received over the Internet. It does this so that it can speed up your Internet sessions by only downloading files that have changed since last time they were downloaded.

When I Perform A Funds Transfer Or Make A Payment I Receive A Reference Number. What Is This?

The Reference Number is a unique that enables you to reconcile the transaction you have performed over the internet with your periodic account statement. It also enables us to quickly investigate any queries you may have about transactions you have performed.

When I Want To Transfer Funds Or Make A Payment Not All My Accounts Appear In The Account Drop-Down Boxes. Why Is That?

There are some accounts you cannot Transfer Funds to or from or make a payment from. These are not shown in the drop-down boxes and include:
  • Accounts that require two or more signatures for over the counter transactions
  • Closed accounts
  • Dormant accounts
  • Accounts where primary signatory has not been verified for the purposes of the Cash Transactions Reporting Act
  • Investment accounts
In addition there are some accounts that you cannot Transfer Funds from or Make a Payment from. These are not shown in the "From Account" drop-down boxes and include:
  • Accounts that require prior notice for withdrawal
  • Accounts that do not have any available funds
  • Loan accounts, other than Line-of-Credit accounts

Why Do I Always Need To Scroll Down To See The Full Screen On Each Option?

This may be because your display settings are set to a resolution of less than 800 X 600. You can check these via the "Control Panel" display settings if you are using a Microsoft Windows operating system. If you are unsure of how to check or modify your display settings please contact your PC maintenance service or the dealer from whom you purchased the PC.
It may also be because you have added a toolbar to the window display. If you are unsure of how to check this please contact your PC maintenance service or the dealer from whom you purchased the PC.

Why Do I Sometimes Receive A Display With The Message "Server Reactivating - Please try again"?

Sometimes we perform housekeeping functions on the internet server. These only take a couple of minutes but can interrupt service while they are in progress.

Why Is It That Some Boxes On My Browser's Window Are Not Displayed Correctly?

Your PC could be running out of assigned memory. Close down some other applications you have open to free up some memory.

Why Is It That Sometimes When I Perform A Funds Transfer Or An ATM Or EFTPOS Transaction, It Does Not Appear When I Go Back And Review Transaction History?

All transactions performed after our close of business are processed on the following business day and that is when they will appear on your transaction history. However, they do update the available funds balance of the account immediately.

Why Is It That When I Make A Payment It Does Not Appear On My Transaction History Immediately And It Does Not Update The Available Funds Balance Of The Account Immediately?

Payments are effected by creating a one-time payment authority on our banking system. The payment will be processed on our next business day and that is when it will be posted to your account and appear on your transaction history. As with the presentment of a cheque, it is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds available in the account to cover the payment.
You can verify immediately that the Payment Authority has been created, via the Payment Authorities option.