Make your savings work for you

We provide a range of fixed term deposit options for our members.

A fixed term deposit lets you earn a competitive interest rate on your money, over a set period of time.

How does it work?

  • Determine your deposit amount: A range of term deposits are available starting with a minimum of $500.

  • Choose the term that suits your needs: periods can range from 3 - 24 months.

  • We’ll provide you with the current rate for fixed term deposits, which will be fixed for the term of the deposit.

  • Keep your savings safe and watch your money grow.

There are then various options for payment of interest and principal on maturity.

Find out more by contacting your nearest branch today, or call 1300 36 76 56.

Before you get started with any of our products and services, please visit our Conditions of Use to see the many ways in which you can access your account.