Even out those peaks and troughs in your monthly budget with a safety net overdraft

We make sure you only pay interest on the amount you’ve overdrawn.

Man filling out paperwork

How to apply

To apply for an overdraft, you will need to supply us the following information

1. Confirmation of income

For salaried employees:

  • Three consecutive payslips not more than than month old OR
  • A letter from your employer, stating your gross and net income, plus the commencing date, if you started after the last financial year

For self-employed applicants

  • The last two years financial figures including balance sheet, trading results, profit and loss and personal tax returns plus
  • ATO Notice of Assessment

For Centrelink recipients

  • A copy of your Bank statement for the past three months OR
  • A letter from Centrelink detailing current benefits
2. Rental information (for people who own a rental property)
  • Copy of lease or the latest statement from you Real Estate Agent OR
  • A letter from a Real Estate Agent, stating what the property could be rented for if the property is not already leased.
3. Confirmation of Liabilities


  • Copy of current statement showing balance and instalment

Credit/Charge Cards

  • Copy of latest statement


  • Copy of Lease Agreement or current rent receipt

Please ensure that the loan application is carefully completed, including the section on Loan Protection Insurances. If you require information and /or a premium estimate on the insurance, please feel free to call your nearest Central West Credit Union office. You should obtain a Product Disclosure Statement and consider it before acquiring this product. If your application is lodged with insufficient information you may experience delays in obtaining a decision.

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