SMS One-Time Password is a unique password sent to your nominated mobile phone as an SMS message when prompted.

SMS One-Time Password is an extra level of security on your Redinet Internet Banking. It is easy to use, quick and portable so you can access your internet banking with confidence.

(Importantly, NEVER share a one time password with a third party as this will increase your risk of fraud).

Registering for OTP via SMS Procedures

The following steps show the SMS One Time Passwords registration process for CWCU Redinet users.

Step 1 Log into Redinet online banking on a PC or Laptop or tablet (full site).

Step 2 From the menu, choose Services & Help and then Setup Security Options.

Screenshot showing the CWCU account dashboard

The page should look similar to the following:

Screenshot showing the CWCU setup security options page

Step 3 Click on the Request button

The Request SMS One Time Password page is displayed:

Screenshot showing the CWCU one time password request page

Step 4 From the Send SMS One Time Passwords to the following mobile number section, select the appropriate mobile phone number from the drop-down list. In most cases there will be only one to select.

Step 5 Click on the Request button. A confirmation page will be displayed.

Step 6 After confirming the request, a receipt will be issued.

Click on the Finish button