Direct Debit - how do you cancel a direct debit to a savings account?

There are two ways to cancel a direct debit to a savings account?

1. if an account number is given
A direct debit can be cancelled by contacting us, either by phone or by visiting  one of our branches. We will process your request as promptly as possible.
We may also suggest that you contact the merchant to let them know that you have cancelled the direct debit as they may charge a fee if the payment is rejected. If you have more than one direct debit set up with a merchant and you wish to cancel one, all debits will need to be cancelled as an individual debit can not be cancelled on its own.

2. If a debit/credit card is given
You must contact the merchant yourself to cancel otherwise we can cancel your card and a replacement card issued to you. A replacement card fee may apply in this instance.