Protecting the security of your money and personal information

We have implemented world-class security measures to address the issues associated with banking online, but it is equally important that our members treat the security of their personal computers just as seriously.

Security Tokens are the highest level of Factor2 Authentication* and aim to protect Internet Banking users who regularly complete transactions of significant value. This additional layer of security will help protect you from unauthorised use of your accounts via Internet Banking.

* Factor2 or second-factor authentication is when you use two different security methods to access a secure system. For Internet Banking 1. - Your member number and password (something you know) and 2.- The one-time access code generated by your Security Token (something you have).

You can obtain your Security Token by downloading the  VIP Access App from the Apple iStore (if you have an iPhone/Ipad ), the Play Store  (for android) or  from the Verisign website. This way your phone or Ipad  becomes a Security Token and you are less likely to lose it or leave it at home. Please notify us if you have downloaded a token as we will need to enable this feature so you can activate your token. 

Your Security Token can also be used at any member site within the Verisign Identity Protection Network like eBay and PayPal.