New home, renovating or refinancing - We’ve got loans to suit you - Part One

7 September, 2019
Are you a first home buyer? Or are you upsizing and need to refinance? Maybe you’re renovating?

Taking out your first loan - or refinancing - is a big deal. It can be daunting. 

But, at Central West Credit Union we say - let’s do this! If the opportunity is there and you’re ready - we want to make it happen. Because believe it or not - applying for a loan doesn’t have to be stressful. 

So, we have put together this series to cover the different loan options you have, in the different stages of your homeowner journey!

Here is Part One.

New Home

If you’re looking to take out your very first mortgage, it’s likely you don’t have a huge amount of experience with a large amount of debt - and paying it off.

There are a lot of loan products out there, offering all the bells and whistles, like redrawing and interest offset and wealth packages and extra features you can add on.

These are all great. If you think you can make extra repayments every now and then - and handle an interest rate rise - some of these variable options are great for flexibility.

But, if it’s your first large loan, you may want to have the security of a structured payment plan. A fixed rate loan is a smart option in today's market.

Making a two year commitment with fixed repayments might help you map out your budget and take comfort knowing your rate isn’t going to go up - even if the market does.

With interest rates at their current level, this may be an optimal time to lock in a deal. 

Let us help make you a homeowner

CWCU cares about your dreams. We want to make them come true!

And, we have just lowered our rates to a record low. 

Our Fixed Rate Home Loan can be negotiated for terms of one or two years, with a fee free transaction account. 

If you want to sit down with a dedicated home loan specialist and avoid the stress of dealing with multiple people for the one loan - contact us today. 

We keep things simple. 


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