Protect yourself when using social media

15 October, 2018

Following a few rules and learning about how your social media platform handles and displays your information can help reduce risk when socialising online.

Here are some things to think about when you’re interacting on social media.

Familiarise yourself with Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies

Take the time to read these important documents, on all the social networks you’re using.

Pay special attention to the Privacy Policy and security settings – make sure you’re only sharing your information with the people you want to share it with. 

Sometimes this requires a bit more digging than you think. So make sure you explore all the options in the setting menu.

Protect your accounts with strong passwords

You may think your online banking and shopping passwords require the strongest protection, but the same attention needs to be devoted to your social media accounts.

We have another article about online banking that goes into more detail about how to create a strong password. Have a read if you would like some help. 

Don’t use social networking sites that do not offer any privacy settings. Or that allow users to contact each other anonymously.

Think before you post

Once information is online it is almost impossible to remove. 

If unsure, ask yourself – would I be ok if this image or information was on the news or seen by my employer? 

If not, perhaps think again.

Proceed with caution towards ads

Use the same caution with clicking on advertisements and online shopping on social media platforms that you do elsewhere. 

Just because a post appears in your feed and has been ‘suggested for you’ doesn’t mean the retailer is legitimate.

Personal Information

Any and all information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could be used to access your personal accounts.

Be particularly careful with information that could compromise the security of you and others, including:

  • dates of birth
  • addresses
  • information about your daily routine
  • holiday plans
  • your children’s schools
  • photos of you or your family and friends - always seek permission before posting a picture of someone else.

This information can be used by criminals to steal your identity or plan criminal activity – like robbing your home when you are away.

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