Should you consider Xero for your business?

20 October, 2017

Are you frustrated with your current accounting process?

Or maybe you’re considering starting your own business?

CWCU has partnered with Xero to make banking easy for our business customers. Get your account transactions from CWCU sent into Xero every day for automatic syncing.

Here are four reasons why you might want to look into using Xero for your business.

1. Your time is money!

Our business customers can use Xero to streamline bookkeeping and cut down administrative time. Now you can use those valuable hours and put more time into innovation ideas, staff development or client recruitment. Or you could just use the extra time to relax. Oh the possibilities!

2. Reduce mistakes

Businesses can view their transaction details in Xero, without having to manually enter the details. This means less room for human error and the misreading of handwriting. And it saves paper! A win for your business and for the environment.

3. Get more insight into your business

Xero is a cloud based service, allowing business owners and managers to gain a whole-of-the-picture view of their accounts and financial position at any given time. This means you can put the puzzle pieces together and see how everything is working together.

4. Life is too fun for bookwork

Get out, see the sunshine, bask in the ambiance of Spring. If there is a simpler, stress free way of doing something, why not take advantage. We are here to make things easier for you!