Normal after COVID19 - What Does The New Normal Look Like?

26 May, 2020
We know the COVID19 crisis has had a huge effect on our communities.

Economically, socially, physically - and mentally.

As we are seeing restrictions eased, there is a lot of talk about ‘going back to normal.’

But what does normal look like, after a global pandemic?

We have all been looking forward to our favourite restaurants opening, going to our local parks and having a beer at the pub - but many people are also anxious,

About venturing out again, about getting our hopes up - and about how to make this transition. 

So we wanted to put some tips together, about how we can support each other as things return to normal after COVID19.

Keep routine - where possible!

Routine can be an anchor, when things are uncertain.

If you have found a new schedule during this time that works for you - keep it up!

If the easing of restrictions allows you to get back to some of your old routine, embrace it.

Maybe isolation has helped you find new hobbies or ways to alleviate stress? Take what you’ve learned into this post COVID19 world! 

Keep supporting local businesses

We could talk for days about all the fantastic things local businesses do for our communities. 

Like stimulating growth, providing employment and creating entrepreneurship opportunities.

But really, the most important role they play is to keep us all connected. They are a base, a hub for community activities and socialising. 

They know their customers by name; they are our neighbors and friends. They are what make our towns special and unique.

So - keep supporting them. Get behind their new way of doing things - if it means continuing to order take away instead of dine in, online gym classes instead of on site and telehealth appointments instead of waiting rooms - keep it up. 

It also helps to show them your support on social media channels.

And next time you’re clicking ‘checkout cart’ online with a major overseas company, why not consider if there is a local business that can provide you with that product or service?

Stay informed

The State and Federal Governments are keeping the public updated on new guidelines, using several channels.

The Prime Minister has released the country’s three stage plan - with States and Territories to implement them as they see fit. 

It’s important to stay across them - using the official channels.

Reach Out

The bottom line is - use your support network. 

We know you are probably sick of hearing ‘we are all in this together’ - it has definitely become a catchphrase for this time. 

But when it comes to regional communities - it really is true.

If you’re feeling concerned about the health risks or guidelines, call 1800 020 080, or visit the covidsafe ap.

But if you’re feeling like you need support, reach out.

Whether it be to family, friends or a stranger, there are many channels available for you to get some help.