The People Behind CWCU - Meet Ruth Moore

14 July, 2020

At Central West Credit Union, the friendly faces that make up our staff are the backbone of our business. 

So we thought we’d take some time to introduce some of them to you, so you can get to know the people who might be looking after your next loan!

Meet Ruth Moore - the Manager of our Cowra Branch..

Ruth has worked at CWCU for over 10 years. She is an essential member of the CWCU family, with a long history of working in finance.

The experience she brings to our team is invaluable - so we thought we should share a little bit about where she comes from, and what she’s accomplished!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Belfast, Ireland. My mother was a stay at home mum and my father worked for an electrical company.

My husband and I migrated to Australia in 1988. We moved for a better outdoor lifestyle for our family. We migrated here with our two little girls, Rach and Beth. Julia was then born in Australia. 

When did you start working in finance?

My first job was at 17 years old. I started working in Ulster Bank in Belfast, part of the NatWest company. I started off as an office junior and worked my way up into the more senior role of Managers Clark.

When we settled in Cowra, I bought and ran a cafe here for 10 years. It was a fantastic experience, there’s nothing like running your own business and connecting with your community like that. 

But after a while I decided I wanted to go back to my finance roots - and began with CWCU as a Member Service Officer. That was in 2010 - how time flies!

What is your role at CWCU?

As the Branch Manager, I am responsible for general office and staff management, but my primary role is in lending. I help our members with all their loan needs - from personal and car, to business and of course - home!

As a loans officer, it is my job to help people achieve their goals. It is such a privilege to work with people to help their dreams come true. And that’s not an overstatement - sometimes I really am seeing people achieve their greatest accomplishments.

Whether it’s starting their business, getting their first car, entering the property market or building their dream home - I really love being part of these moments with people. 

I also love getting to meet new people everyday. It’s why we moved here - we wanted to be part of a community and really get to know people. 

What do you like about working at CWCU?

I am so proud to say that I work at an organisation that is focused on the community - and helping people.

Our staff are all locals working to help locals. Being a customer owned institution, we are not driven by outcomes for shareholders - our profits are reinvested back into the community. 

When people come in to apply for a loan at CWCU, they know the person they are meeting with will be alongside them for the whole process. It will be the same person they will deal with, the whole way through.

The size and the structure of the business allows everyone to work closely. This makes decision making an easy process - we’re not departmentalised. So loan approval decisions are made here at branch level.

It’s also just a great team to work with! We’re a fun bunch. 

What are you working towards, for the future?

I’m just hoping to see more growth - I’m excited to see the future for our communities,

As a business and a loans officer, I want to work with more people in our communities. I want to see more business succeed, more young people achieving their dreams. 

I also want to build more long term relationships - so it may be that I meet them to help them achieve a car loan, for their first car. But the most rewarding part of my job is when we see them through all those major milestones - from their car, onto their business or house. 

This is what CWCU is all about. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

At the moment I am thoroughly enjoying the country life, especially with the rain we’ve seen. 

The paddocks are green, people are cheerful and everything is just looking beautiful. I love working in the garden and with the animals.