3 Reasons Why You Should Be Talking About eStatements

23 January, 2017

Plus our tips on how to manage your new paperless banking experience

eStatements are relatively new to Central West Credit Union, but we’re incredibly happy that we can offer our members this great way to bank.

Why should you switch to eStatements?

1. Save the Planet

As a local credit union we believe in contributing to a stronger, more sustainable community. By moving away from paper statements you not only cut out huge amounts of print cartridges, envelopes and sheets of paper, you also reduce the amount of emissions being generated by all those statements being posted to your door. Help us reduce our environmental footprint, and reduce yours as well.

2. Convenience

Don’t waste time looking through reams of paper. No matter where you are, your eStatement will always be available from one central, secure location. 

3. Safety First

With Redinet  access available only by using  your  password, your eStatements won’t get lost by the postie, chewed by the dog or rained on in the mailbox! They’ll also be safe from prying eyes.


How to switch to eStatements

Simply log into your Account online, go to account options and then visit online statement options. Tick online statements to receive eStatements. You’ll receive an email when your statement is ready to view.


3 tips for managing eStatements

1. Check your email address is up-to-date

You won’t get an email notification to view your eStatement unless your email address is correct and up-to-date. 

2. Manage your password

Keeping your password secure is incredibly important to ensuring your financial information stays safe. Always  aim to use unique, memorable passwords, and don’t keep it written down, or use a secure password manager app to help you out.

3. Check your statements 

Review your statement and spending to see opportunities to make savings, track your budget and maintain the security of your accounts.