Property Goals - Four Tips for House Hunting

5 March, 2018

So you’ve saved your deposit and got pre-approval - well done to you! Now is the really fun part. Get the Real Estate section of the paper out and start highlighting. Jump online and start bookmarking!

The funny thing about buying a house is that sometimes you only have half an hour to make a decision about whether it’s the one for you. Think about that - some of us have spent longer than that in the change room mulling over a 50 dollar clothing purchase!

So here are some things to bear in mind while your browsing.


Go to inspections… many inspections

The best way to do your research and get a feel for what you like is to inspect, inspect, inspect. You’ll get a feel for the market and start to understand what you can get for your money. Go to some auctions, see how they work. And ASK QUESTIONS! The Agent is there to help. A good one to ask is ‘how long has this been on the market?’ That way you’ll get an idea of the level of interest in that property.

Know what you want - and what you don’t want

Sometimes, if you have decided you’re interested, you have to make quick decisions about whether to put an offer in. So it helps to know exactly what you’re looking for - and what you’re dealbreakers are - when you walk into a house.

If it’s ticking the boxes that’s a good sign! Make a list of your top priorities you’re looking for - is it family friendly? Does it have an outdoor entertaining area? How much work does it require? Set some parameters so you can make a quick assessment.

Take notes and compare

If you’re going to many inspections it’s sometimes hard to keep track of each one. Take some notes and list some pros and cons for each property so you have an easy reference when you’re mulling everything over later.

Get the inside info

Register with local agents so you can get the first peek when a new property becomes available. This can be a huge difference in this extremely competitive market!


Apply for a loan

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