CWCU Supports Safer Internet Day PLUS 5 Ways You Can Bank Safer

10 February, 2017
Last year, Australians lost around $45 million to internet fraud.

Online services are essential to managing our everyday lives. They are incredibly efficient, and useful. However, scams - including those that use common brand names or logos to appear legitimate - are common.

That’s why Stay Smart Online encourages businesses and individuals to #AskOutLoud if something doesn’t seem right. 

If you receive a message that just doesn’t look right - it might be out of the ordinary, a suspicious competition message or come from a strange address - then ask a friend for a second opinion. Talking through any concerns might verify your own concerns, and help to reassure you if the message is fake.

Remember, online scams aren’t always obvious. Be careful about where you provide your information online, and clicking on unexpected links you may receive via social media, sms or email. 

Safer Internet Day was celebrated in more than 100 countries on Tuesday 7th February.

We are a proud partner of the Stay Smart Online initiative from the Australian Government, to help protect our members from scams and fraud online.

We focus on creating a safe and secure banking environment for members. Here are some of the easiest ways to increase the security of your CWCU products:

  1. Always memorise your PIN or RediNet online Banking password
  2. Don’t record your CCV on your Visa debit card, or allow others to use your card
  3. Destroy expired Visa debit cards by cutting horizontally, and by cutting through the chip
  4. Consider switching to eStatements, where your statement is always accessible and password protected via RediNet online banking
  5. Visit Stay Smart Online, who can help you learn to identify online scams