Three tips to organising your finances for 2018

12 December, 2017

We want you to look at your calendar, see the days ticking down to December 25th and feel excited, not anxious. Here are some tips you can use to start planning ahead for this Christmas!

  1. Get a jump on the new year by setting up a Christmas account for this year  - now.

Planning ahead is easy if you set up a Christmas Club savings account.

This account is designed to help you save for the festive season. It has restrictions on withdrawals, to take away temptation. Set yourself monthly reminders and pop anything you can spare you can into it and we promise Christmas time won’t come as a shock to your bank account!

  1. Suggest a Secret Santa

Big families and groups of friends means lots of presents. Why not sit everyone down and suggest a Secret Santa! This is the solution to buying tonnes of presents and spending a heap of cash! One great present, everyone gets a gif and everyone is happy! And depending on how enthusiastic you are, it can prove to be great fun - with hints and guessing games.

  1. Consider a personal loan

The Summer break is when many people want to get away and take a holiday. This is the time to enjoy the sunshine and relax! Don’t spend hours stressing about how you’re going to wrangle it. Take out one of our low interest personal loans, set up a payment plan using our financial tools and kick back. This way you can build your financial independence and manage your finances in way that allows you to achieve your goals!

Head to our Personal Loans page for more information!


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