Redrawing: Three Fun Facts

7 December, 2017

At CWCU we strive to offer a service that allows flexibility and simplicity for your loans process. We understand everyone has their ups and downs. That’s why our redraw facility is so fantastic.


Fun Fact No. 1: You can reduce the amount of interest over the life of your loan by making additional repayments

When you take out a home loan, depending on the amount there is a minimum repayment that must be made regularly. However, with a loan that includes a redraw facility, you can make additional repayments on your loan, which then reduce the term of the loan - and reduce the amount of interest paid. These can be one off lump sum payments when you have extra cash on hand, or a conscious decision to make regular additional payments every fortnight. Either way, the benefit can be substantial.

Fun Fact No. 2: You can withdraw these repayments at later date, should you need the money

Here is the thing. Sometimes we are ambitious with extra cash and want to put it in a sensible place. This is when you might make one of these additional repayments on a loan, to get ahead. This is fantastic and we highly encourage it! However, at CWCU we know - life happens. Sometimes we get in a situation where we need a large amount of cash. A redraw facility allows you to access that money from your additional repayments.

Christmas is a time for laughter and quality time with loved ones. But we know this time of year can sometimes be expensive! Whether you have a large family with many gifts to buy, or you’ve got your eye on cheap flights to Fiji, this service will help you achieve your Christmas goals.

Fun Fact No. 3: It’s so very simple and quick

Redrawing can be done in minutes online. Or better yet, head into one of our branches and talk to our friendly staff. There is no need to complete a formal application and it can be done for any purpose - it’s up to you!