Buying a new car? Here are some things to consider

30 April, 2019

With the End of Financial Year coming, many people are eagerly anticipating the SALES that come with it!

June is a great time to buy furniture, white goods - and cars. 

But ‘once-in-a-year’ sales don’t mean the usual factors need to be taken into account when buying a new vehicle. It’s important to enter into this commitment with as much knowledge as possible. 

So we’ve put together some tips you can use to find a good deal, and avoid buyers regret!

Decide on priorities

Safety or sporty?

Family or leisure?

Adventurer or city slicker?

But of course, above all this, safety is one of the more important things you want to consider. ANCAP safety ratings are a good indicator of whether the car performs strongly in this area.

Fuel consumption is another one you may want to look into, with prices being the way they currently are!
Narrow your choices down to come makes and models that suit your price range and lifestyle needs. 

Do your research

Once you’ve decided what ‘kind’ of car you want, and have a shortlist and go to some dealers.

What is the standard drive away price? What does that include?

Take a trusty notepad (or make a list in your phone) and jot down some notes, so you can thoroughly compare. 

What to do with your old car?

There is a good chance you will get more money for a private sale, but a trade-in can be more convenient and straightforward.

If your current car is in demand or particularly popular, you may even get a better trade-in deal.

Hot Tip: Service records go a long way towards securing a better deal - for both private sale and trade-in. 

Sort your finance

Once you know roughly what you’re after and how much you’re prepared to spend, look into finance options.

Why not call into CWCU and get your car loan pre-approved in a jiffy. Then you’re free to go hunting for a great bargain, knowing you have finance in the works! Once you have struck a deal, all you need to do is get the invoice to CWCU.

Pre-approval gives you a more solid bargaining position, so it’s worth sorting this out before you make a deal. 

Go shopping - and test drive!

Try before you buy is a cliche for a reason. Choose your own route (not one from the dealer) and test the features and how it feels. 

Negotiate terms

Once you’ve found ‘the one’ - it’s time to start bargaining. 

We’re not just talking about drive away price - we’re talking about inclusions and extras! 

Sunroof, floor mats, window tinting and leather seats vs extended warranty, rustproofing, paint protection and traction control. What is more valuable to you?

Also make sure you check the Terms and Conditions, to suss out any sneaky items that may be in the contract. 

And don't be pressured by the ‘this deal is only good for today line! Resist until you're 100% happy with your choice.

Last but not least - insurance

Seems obvious, but it can be easily forgotten about in the excitement of new wheels. 

Make sure you have insurance before you drive away.

CWCU offers Motor Vehicle Insurance, with different levels of cover and varied policies to suit your needs. 

Give us a call or stop into a branch for more information.