Tips for a truly awesome road trip

17 April, 2018

As the End of Financial Year approaches, now is a fantastic time to buy a new car. You can really bag yourself a great deal at this time, as the industry looks to end the period with high sales figures.

And what’s the best thing to do with your new baby once you’ve made this purchase? Give it a good run on the open road, to really break it in. You know what this means...


CWCU has your five-point plan for a truly awesome road trip.


Of course, a great group of friends is going to be the most important factor. It is the cornerstone for a successful trip!

Having a dynamic gang in the car, who appreciate each other's company, will ensure any challenges that might pop up along the way will be met as a team, with laughter and comradery.


While the banter might sometimes be enough, it’s good to have something to entertain everyone. A great thing to do pre-trip is put together a playlist, so you don’t have to have your passengers play DJ.

And when it comes to games, we really think the old classics are still the best! I-spy, 21 questions, the Name Game or even Trivia - and of course the good old Spotto. These are guaranteed to bring a bit of competition to your car though, so be prepared!


A happy tummy is a happy driver! Plus, the perfect snack is always a good way to get everyone excited. Not to mention it saves stopping. Do a quick ring around before you leave to grab everyones favourite car snack to make them feel special!

Planned stops

While spontaneity may be your thing (and that is great) it doesn’t hurt to map out your route before hand to suss out where the good places to stop are. This way you can avoid running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere - ensure there are adequate bathroom stops - and put you in the best position to have a safe a secure trip, beating fatigue.

The right car

Obviously, some cars are not up to long road trips. If you’re travelling in a brand new car, that’s great! The chances are everything is ready to go and in order. It is still a good idea to go over a basic checklist, to be safe.

  • Things to check are

  • Fuel, oil and radiator coolant

  • Tyres - are they inflated and do they have enough tread

  • Battery water level

  • Spare tyre - is it on board? Does anyone know how to change it?

These are just the basics. For complete peace of mind, get your car serviced by a mechanic before you leave!


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